Supporting Bet MMA using Brave Browser

TLDR: Visit this link, download the browser, use it for a bit and I get $5. Keep using it and hopefully support Bet MMA for years to come with free donations provided by the browser.


Setting up Bet MMA has been a lot of fun. However, it has cost me money…. Like, a lot of money. I am probably $15,000-20,000 down when you do a “programming cost – commission earned from other people’s picks” equation.

That’s fine… you have to build up a useful service before monetizing it and that costs money.

However, I do have to make some money from the site. I’m not ever going to charge people to log their picks because that’s a stupid model. I will be adding a VIP section to the site with a load more tools for subscribers BUT also want to keep as many features free as possible.

One way I can do that is if as many of you as possible get on board with the concept of the Brave browser.

It’s a new(ish) browser, created by the guy who invented Javascript and founded Firefox / Mozilla. It has two main points to differentiate from other browsers, with point 2 being important for us;

  1.   It blocks all ads and tracking scripts, which means it’s fundamentally very quick and safe. On phones and older computers it is especially quick.
  2.   It lets you support sites you like through micro-donations… But rather than you having to actually deposit any money, you earn money in the form of the cryptocurrency “BAT” by watching an ad or two per day and getting paid for it.

A lot of cryptos don’t really do anything useful. A lot of cryptos are a scam. But some will change the world in the same way that the first wave of websites like Google, Amazon and ebay changed the world. I believe BAT will change how online advertising and earning money as a website owner will work forever.

Websites owners usually try to earn money by displaying ads, but most people now use adblockers. That means ad revenue is virtually nill for most websites. The change in concept from Brave is to block all banner ads by default but allow people to opt in to view a couple of ads per day and be paid for it.

It will be similar to what you see on Spotify now when you use it for free, with e.g. a short video promo or a full page ad in a new browser tab. You will then be paid 70% of whatever the advertiser paid for that ad slot. So if they paid $1 to show you the ad, you’ll get 70 cents for a minute of your attention.

You can then keep that money earned and cash it out or donate it to websites / youtubers / twitch channels etc. There are also plans to allow you to pay for subscriptions to things like Amazon Prime, Spotify or your phone bill with the BAT earnings from each month. IMO it’s a game changer.

The opt in ads will go live in the next couple of months. Before that though, Brave are giving out free cryptocurrency to the tune of $1,000,000 per month. Last month it was to users, this month it is to site owners and next month it will probably be back to users again….

SO for every one of you who downloads Brave using this link I will get $5. If 50 of you can do that, it will make a big difference to me in terms of the month’s earnings. If 200 of you do it, hell, that would be fricking awesome, not just for now but long term….

$1000 now but if 200 of you using the site use Brave, earn crypto for viewing ads each month and donate $2-5 a month to me using BAT, that would mean I could run the site at a profit for the first time.

The referral link will work on multiple devices, so you can use it on your desktop, laptop and phone if you like and I believe I get 3 referrals.

Thanks very much in advance for anyone who gives it a try!