Last post on crypto

This is the last post I’m gunna make on cryptocurrency. This is an MMA site after all. However, I’ve pretty much dived into this thing full on and I want to give a little wrap up and say that if any of you have any questions, contact me on twitter about it and I’ll happily discuss whatever I’m doing in crypto at the time.

OK, so since the last time I posted, I have basically moved 90% of my money into BAT (Basic Attention Token). The cheapest I bought it was at just over 7 cents. It’s now at 16 cents and I expect it to be around 30 cents by the end of the year. The other 10% is basically for day trading but I currently have some NEO, Stratis, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Golem and Iconomi.

Crypto as a whole was in a dip because of the Bitcoin fork (google that if you want to know more about it but basically Bitcoin split in two). Now that’s sorted, the market is pretty stable, in a clear upwards trend. My portfolio is up 17% today. It was up about 20% yesterday. There will be dip days of course but even though the market is at an all time high, I would say it’s still an excellent time to get in.

In terms of what to invest in, Ethereum still is well below the highs from earlier this year so if you just want to get one of the big boys I would probably pick that… (edit: It’s up $15 since I started this blog).

But thoroughly recommend buying BAT. I wrote a post about it on Steemit (a site where you get paid in crypto to blog). You can read that post on the link below because there’s no point me re-writing a blog that took me 2 hours.

Why I’m All In On BAT

The VERY short version is that online advertising is broken because people use ad blockers. BAT will pay people to view ads (a cut of what the advertiser pays them), to make them actually pay attention to the ad and engage with it. That will be implemented next year. However, I would recommend Brave as a browser now. It auto-blocks all adverts and tracking software. It converts all HTTP to HTTPS for extra security…. basically it’s a really good browser and is very quick. It’s designed by the guy who invented Javascript and Mozilla Firefox.

You can download it here.

If you do get it now, they’re about to enter this thing called the “User Growth Pool”. It basically gives people BAT to play with and that BAT is divvied out amongst the websites you view, depending on the % of time you spend on each website. If you yourself have a website, you can get free BAT just by having people view your website via Brave, via this micro-donations system.

So from a selfish point of view, I would love it if you could download Brave, then I will basically get free BAT as a site owner, if you view this site in the Brave browser over the next couple of months 🙂

If you want to get BAT yourself, you can check out the post below on how to invest in alt-coins. Basically you buy in on Coinbase, then transfer that money to Bittrex and buy BAT on there.

As I say, feel free to contact me any time about this on Twitter… I’m pretty much hoping that crypto pays for my retirement so I have high hopes. 🙂

In general, if you want to get involved you literally need to do it within days to avoid some big gains. My portfolio is up 80% this week. I’m not saying this as a hype guy for crypto, I gain nothing from posting this, I’m just telling you in case you are interested. There is every chance there will be a 10-15% pull back tomorrow but then again it might just keep going up and up now the bitcoin split is sorted.

Anyway, that’ll do…. get BAT. Get NEO (ANS). Get Ethereum or Bitcoin…. It doesn’t really matter. They’ll all be up on the price now at the end of the year 🙂

p.s. If I have anything to add, I’ll probably just add it on this post so feel free to check back in a couple of months.