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Euro 2016 Free Bets

I know this is an MMA betting blog but everyone likes free stuff, so here are some free bet offers on Euro 2016. Use the free bets on MMA 🙂

If you are in the UK or have access to UK bookmakers, there are several good free bet offers and you don’t really need to have any football knowledge to make them worthwhile.

Sky Bet: If you bet £10 on a team to win the Euros, they will give you a £3 free bet every time they win a match.
I’ve put my tenner on France.

BetFair. Same offer but bet £25 and get £5 whenever they win a match. I put this on Spain but probably should just have put it on France again.

William Hill. Bet £10 on England to win the euros and they will give you a £5 free bet every time they win.

Given that there is an extra round this year compared to previous years, these all seem like really good value to me, if you’re any good at turning over free bets at odds of over evens.

Lots of bookies (Coral are one) also have free bet offers based on top scorer. E.g. Bet £25 on someone to be top scorer and get a £5 free bet whenever they score. It’s potentially a really good offer but I’m leaving it alone as really you do need to have good knowledge for this one.

Bet 365 are offering a free in play bet on England vs Russia up to £50. As far as I can see, there’s no minimum odds requirement. I’ve gone for something nice and obvious and will use the no risk in play bet on something a bit more risky.