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3 Reasons How Online Slots Accelerated The Growth Of Online Casino Gaming

Slot machine gaming captures the imagination of bettors, and regardless of whether it’s in a land-based casino or on a digital platform, a strong market exists throughout the host of different available gaming selections.

The industry has expanded to such a degree that there are now some analysts who believe it might be crowded, suffering from market saturation, as all burgeoning markets inevitably do at some point, and that there might be a retraction in either the profit margins we’re seeing or the number of new games that enter the space.

#1 – Welcome Bonuses & Exclusive Offers

Online casinos use welcome bonuses and promotions to bring millions of new customers annually. Land-based casinos would incentivize games and introduce their loyalty points-based systems to reward loyal customers, too. However, slot machine gaming has been able to corner off this type of bonus and re-invent it to a point where it has drawn in gamers, many of whom may have a passing interest in slot machine gaming.

Specific promotions brought online gamers to slot machines for several reasons. Not only are they easy to give away, costing much less per minimum spin than a roulette game, but game designers who had a new game out would want their title to stand out and would pay for exclusive promotional offers through big casino brands—for instance, X amount of free spins for when you sign up.

Due to the success of online slot promotions, many designers and casino operators were relentlessly looking for unique ways to appeal to the growing, prospective customer base. In today’s market, 100 free spins on first deposit bonuses are attracting an audience. However, with other slots and bonuses, casino companies must get more creative and think outside the box to keep up with their competition.

While this might be a headache for some providers, the customer benefits as they scramble to deliver the most enticing bonus to get you to sign up with them instead of the competition. This fierce competitive edge in an international market ramped up the money in the industry, and this trickled down into game designs and casinos hosting more slots on their site.

 #2 – Driving Design Innovation

It’s no exaggeration to say that billions of dollars of new money have flowed into the casino industry since the mid-2000s. The cause of this growth is almost exclusively because of the multiple innovations in the online casino sector. Because of this incredible global rise in profit and size, the casino industry has been able to pull in top talent in subsidiary markets. For instance, video gaming and console designing dominated the graphic design industry in the 1990s and early 2000s. Although it’s still a colossal market of its own accord, some top designers switched to designing online slot games with significant money at stake due to the rampant and accelerating growth.

The graphic design of some of the latest online slots is astonishing, with considerable names in the industry, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution, paying top money to lure in the world’s best game designers; this played a pivotal role in lighting a fire that has ignited the industry.

 #3 – Innovations Within Slot Gaming

When the first slot machine first hit bars across the West Coast of America, it was primitive, but it captured the imagination quickly. Following a few changes that brought the device into the 20th Century, it was only a few decades later that it became the driving force behind the unbelievable rise and continued success of Las Vegas.

Online slot gaming has pioneered slot gaming to a similar extent, opening up a new, undiscovered dimension. Video slots, 3D games, and dozens of new ideas for slot themes have kept this market as fresh as possible, even in the face of such seismic change. Slot gaming doesn’t have odds or odds calculators like poker or blackjack, where there’s a rigid rulebook to stick to, and the premise of the games hasn’t changed for over 100 years.

Slot gaming has borrowed inspiration from major films and TV, iconic literature, cartoon characters, famous superheroes, sporting icons, and almost everything. While this scattergun approach has proven to be a hit-and-miss for some providers, the slot machine companies that hit it big with their innovation and quickly capture a new audience can be worth millions of dollars in profit.

Given that this promise is always in play for the thousands of companies who attempt to turn it into their profitable section of the market, this fuels further development, innovation, and visibility of the casino sector. However, the vital thing to remember about slots is that this flexibility has cultivated waves of ingenuity and kept creative people marketing and designing these games. Without slot gaming, who knows how much creative inspiration would exist in the sector and how much smaller it would be as a result?