Dealing with No Contests / Results Changes

This weekend we had inhaler-gate, or whatever name you want to give it and in instances of strange no contests, I get conflicting reports of how bookies have dealt with the bet. Unsurprisingly, the people who stand to gain from a NC tend to tell me their bookie honoured the NC and the people who will do better from a win / result, tell me their bookie treated it like there was a clear result.

So, I need to state clearly how we will grade these bets on site.

The majority of bookmakers take the result, as stated at the end of the fight, in the octagon. In cases like this weekend, that’s how we’ll do it. It got to the end of the fight and a result was declared. We’re not having the nonsensical situation where people are saying it should be a push for the “goes to decision / doesn’t go to decision” prop. That fight went to a decision. End of story.

Anything that is changed to a NC after the end of the fight, be that an hour later or 2 weeks later, it stays as a W / L on site.

The only exception to that is if they read the scorecards out wrong. In that instance, we will change it to the proper score / result. (e.g. Court McGee vs Sean Strickland, I think went down like that).

At the end of the day, this is a prediction site and your record should reflect how good you are at predicting things, as accurately as possible. If your bookie handles things slightly differently, as they all do, that’s the luck of the draw (positive or negative), but we should aim to do whatever most accurately represents the result of the fight itself.