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Wisdom of Crowds - Make your predictions!

The following Mixed Martial Arts events are available for you to predict! Please read the guide below if you aren't sure what to do.

Date Event Fights Picks
29th Jan Bellator 148 - Daley vs. Uhrich 3 3
14th Jan Invicta FC 21 Anderson vs. Tweet 4 4
19th May Fight Nights Global 87 1 1
6th Oct KSW 45 5 5
19th Oct Fight Nights Global 90 1 1
10th Jul DWTNCS 19 5 5
11th Jul PFL 2019: Week 4 7 7
12th Jul One FC - Masters of Destiny 2 2
12th Jul Bellator 224 4 4
17th Jul DWCS 20 5 5
24th Jul DWCS 21 5 5
25th Jul PFL 2019: Week 5 9 9
27th Jul LFA 72 2 2
27th Jul UFC 240 11 50
31st Jul DWCS 22 5 5
2nd Aug Combate 41 5 5
7th Aug DWCS 23 5 5
8th Aug PFL 2019: Week 6 11 11
14th Aug DWCS 24 5 5
20th Aug DWCS 25 5 0
24th Aug Bellator 225 5 1
31st Aug UFC Fight Night 157 7 9
7th Sep UFC 242 13 15
7th Sep Bellator 226 4 4
27th Sep Bellator Dublin 0 0
28th Sep UFC Fight Night 160 7 7
5th Oct UFC 243 4 4
12th Oct UFC on ESPN+ 19 2 3
18th Oct UFC ESPN 6 2 2


Guide to making predictions

First of all, thanks for making predictions - the system wouldn't work without people willing to do that! :)

Quick points:

  • Try not to listen to other people's predictions or look and bookmaker odds before placing your picks!
  • Only make picks on fights you feel you know something about.
  • Don't just put 100% for one fighter or the other - we get much better results when people fill out their predictions properly!

Setting your picks

For each fight you get 2 sliders; prediction and confidence.

  • Prediction: If the fight happened 100 times, how many times would each fighter win? You might think "there's no way X can beat Y, so I'm putting 100%".... OK, well tell that to Matt Serra when he fought GSP. We get much better results when people fill this slider in properly.
  • Confidence: This of this like your level of knowledge in the fight. I sometimes get asked "why would I put something different for confidence compared to prediction? Is it not the same thing?" Well, kinda... One example where you might put a low confidence is if you're predicting a fight with a newcomer to the UFC, or if you just don't know that much about a fighter. You might not see many ways for him to win but he might have improved a lot since his last fight or there might just not be much information out there.

Changing or cancelling picks

You can change your picks at any time up until 7 hours before the first fight. To cancel a pick, just set the confidence to 0% and the pick will be removed when predictions are closed.

Viewing the picks

I post all the picks manually at present, so check out what the Wisdom of Crowds said on the handicapper profile page here. Click the follow button to get email notifications when a new pick is posted.


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