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Search for pretty much anything you want. How do Brazilian underdogs do when fighting Brazil against American fighters coming in on late notice at 170lbs, where neither is making a debut and both fight as southpaws? Find out.
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Next Event Spotlight
Good vs Bad Money: Lines are set by the amount of money placed on each fighter. If a lot of bad money has come in on one fighter, logic dictates that there should be value on the other fighter. Next event stats display fightmetric data for all fighters on the card. Most likely next event displays who, according to the odds is most likely to win, get a particular finish, go over 2.5 rounds etc.
Good vs Bad money next event Fighter Stats Next Event Most Likely To Happen Next Event
Good vs Bad money next event Days since last fight Days since last fight
Your previous bets on fighters fighting on the next card Red Flags - Next Event  
Predictions section
Enter your own % chance of each fighter winning, or break it down further by round / method and the site will let you know what YOUR odds for fight outcomes and props are and where you have an edge over the bookmaker.
Event Prediction Top Value Straight Bets Top Value Straight Bets - Results
Fight Prediction Top Value Bets Top Value Bets - History
Last Event Spotlight
What happened last event?
Arbitrage Alerts Good vs Bad money next event  
General Stats
Fighter skill rankings, opponent rankings, bet history & more.
Fighter Stats By Division Opponent Skill Rating
Straight Bet Combined History Prop Stats Combined History Biggest Roberies
Contender Series Alumni UFC Record    
Explains star ratings etc. If you have any further questions let me know.
Receive email alerts for odds being released, if a line hits a certain odds value or ROI, or get alerts for arbitrage bets.
Help Guide Odds / Value Alerts Arbitrage Alerts

Draft Kings Central
This section will be developed over time. We currently have a wide variety of statistics and breakdowns for past and predicted performance / value. I am also working on some suggested lineup tools.

NOTE: Since the change in scoring system for Draft Kings, it would be an enormous job to reprogram all this stuff... IF people were using it, I would redo it but it doesn't seem that many people are even using it. If you would like it reprogramming let me know and if enough people get in touch, I'll do it.

Draft Kings Lineup Tool Draft Kings - Fighter Profiles Draft Kings - Event Breakdown
DK - Line Movement Last Event DK - Line Movement Next Event DK Stats - Boom or Bust
Points Per Minute Next Event - Draft Kings    
DK Stats - Performance By Price DK Stats - All Time Records DK Stats - Method of Victory
DK Stats - Weight Class / Gender DK Stats - Weight Class / Gender - Detailed Breakdown Draft Kings Stats - Points Per Minute Records - Top Scorers


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