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Free UFC Betting Tips for Makwan Amirkhani vs Kamuela Kirk

Makwan Amirkhani vs Kamuela Kirk takes place at UFC FN (in Las Vegas), on 5th Jun 2021
This event is 22 days, 6 hours and 33 minutes away. You can see any predictions our MMA handicappers have on Makwan Amirkhani vs Kamuela Kirk below. Handicappers with a green circle have made a profit, whilst handicappers with a red circle have made a loss on their MMA betting predictions to date. Hover your mouse over the circle to see their exact unit profit / loss. The closer we get to the event, the more free picks we get in.

Fight Preview: Tale of the tape for Makwan Amirkhani vs Kamuela Kirk

Fighter A
Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Twitter Profile FightMetric Profile Makwan Amirkhani vs Kamuela Kirk Fighter Record on Sherdog FightMetric Profile
Fight Weight: 145lbs
145lbs Weight 145lbs
72 inches Reach 75 inches
5'10" Height 5'10"
Southpaw Stance NA
33 Age 28
Fighter B
Last Fight: (W). Beat Mike Grundy Last Fight: (L). Lost against Damon Jackson

Last 5 fights

Makwan Amirkhani

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Mar '22 England Mike Grundy W Sub 1 @3.55
Oct '21 England Lerone Murphy L KO/TKO 2 @3.55
Jun '21 United States Kamuela Kirk L Decision 3 @1.37
Oct '20 Brazil Edson Barboza L Decision 3 @3.26
Jul '20 Scotland Danny Henry W Sub 1 @1.53
101 days since last fight

Kamuela Kirk

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Mar '22 United States Damon Jackson L Sub 2 @2.20
Jun '21 Finland Makwan Amirkhani W Decision 3 @3.29
May '21 United States Daniel Swain W KO/TKO 2 @inf
Jan '21 Brazil Guilherme Costa W KO/TKO 1 @inf
Jul '19 United States Billy Quarantillo L KO/TKO 3 @1.39
108 days since last fight

Betting on Makwan Amirkhani vs Kamuela Kirk

More than 50 units profit
0 to 50 units profit
New handicapper
0 to -10 units loss
More than -10 loss

Fighter A Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Twitter Profile Makwan Amirkhani vs Kamuela Kirk Fighter Record on Sherdog
Picking Amirkhani straight up
UsmanKap Kobe 6u lost -6u @1.36
Simon Byrne 1u lost -1u @1.50
CalmBetting 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.51
hugdeeznuts 1.89u lost -1.89u @1.02
FUbuddy 3u lost -3u @1.50
MMABetEdge 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.53
Devine Picks 6.5u lost -6.5u @1.54
WallstreetMMA 1.89u lost -1.89u @1.53
MMABetEdge 0.5u lost -0.5u @1.54
DailyFanaticSports 2u lost -2u @1.53
Alexander Melchiott 1u lost -1u @1.54
The Early Weigh In Podcast 2u lost -2u @1.54
Simon Byrne 0.75u lost -0.75u @1.56
Dylan 1u lost -1u @1.50
No Stress 1u lost -1u @1.56
BMMA User 0.3u lost -0.3u @1.50
Daniel Cadoch 1u lost -1u @1.50
MMABetEdge 0.5u lost -0.5u @1.57
Chris 1u lost -1u @1.57
420MMApicks 2u lost -2u @1.54
Blaydes 1u lost -1u @1.54
pmk 1u lost -1u @1.56
BloodMoney 2u lost -2u @1.56
BMMA User 1u lost -1u @1.54
Name 10u lost -10u @1.54
BMMA User 10u lost -10u @1.53

Picking Amirkhani as part of a parlay or prop
Pepe Silvia straight pick @1.36
Simon Byrne wins inside distance @2.00
UsmanKap Kobe straight pick @1.36
Pozityvus straight pick @1.36
Viljo Sports & Entertainment straight pick @1.36
Viljo Sports & Entertainment straight pick @1.44
BigZomega straight pick @1.33
BMMA User straight pick @1.41
Value Hunter straight pick @1.44
Dog Bet straight pick @1.44
BMMA User wins by submission @2.70
BMMA User wins by sub round 1 @5.00
Rayneman straight pick @1.55
MMABetEdge straight pick @1.53
Caballo Loco wins by submission @2.75
Duck Phillips wins by submission @2.63
Simon Byrne straight pick @1.54
Visceral MMA straight pick @1.50
Dylan wins by submission @2.40
Dylan straight pick @1.50
Big Booty Brando straight pick @1.53
SPARTAN BETS straight pick @1.49
BMMA User straight pick @1.56
COfactor straight pick @1.36
AY wins inside distance @2.05
WelshTalianMMA straight pick @1.40
Daniel Cadoch straight pick @1.50
Plus Money Picks straight pick @1.40
BettingSodsman straight pick @1.56
Doyle Carroll straight pick @1.56
TRB Bets (Ryan) wins by submission @3.00
Sucker Punch`D NOT wins inside distance @1.57
DTDB wins by sub round 1 @5.40
IrishTips MMA wins by submission @3.00
Luciano Bets straight pick @1.51
BMMA User wins by submission @2.55
PricePicksUFC straight pick @1.49  
  Picking Kirk straight up
MBP 1u won 2.2u @3.20
Ronnies MMA Breakdowns 0.5u won 1.1u @3.25
Ray 0.5u won 1.1u @3.10
Prodigy_MMA 0.5u won 1.1u @3.20
Phoenix MMA 0.5u won 1.1u @3.25
Jupiter 13 1u won 2.2u @3.15
Martian MMA 0.5u won 1.1u @3.20
Rob Giles 1u won 1.8u @2.80
Dog Catcher 2u won 3.6u @2.80
Bigboybets 1u won 1.9u @2.87
MMAce 1u won 2.0u @2.98
Juicehead Turkey 1.54u won 3.5u @3.25
MMAValuePlay 5u won 9.2u @2.85
Captain Lawrence 1u won 1.8u @2.80
T Russo 0.75u won 1.4u @2.85
The Babefields 2u won 3.2u @2.60
Mr. X 2.5u won 5.5u @3.20
BMMA User 0.5u won 0.8u @2.55
Notorious Picks 1.88u won 4.1u @3.20
MMA Empire 1u won 1.7u @2.70
BROOKSIEB 5u won 9.0u @2.80
Game Changer 2u won 3.7u @2.87
KingOfParlays 3.5u won 6.0u @2.70
Brent Sutterr 2.5u won 4.1u @2.65
Mooney Bet 2.5u won 4.3u @2.70
Z W 0.5u won 0.9u @2.80
Analytics MMA 0.1u won 0.2u @2.68
Craig Christ 0.5u won 1.1u @3.10
GoatPicks 1u won 2.2u @3.20
KEM95 0.5u won 0.9u @2.70
Panther Perfect 1u won 1.7u @2.70
James C 2u won 3.9u @2.96
Action Jackson 1u won 1.8u @2.80
Gold Standart 2u won 3.4u @2.70
King Bet 2.5u won 4.3u @2.70
MMAestro 3u won 5.2u @2.75
Brian 1u won 1.7u @2.70
Make Urich 8u won 13.6u @2.70
BMMA User 1u won 2.3u @3.25
GATTACA 1u won 2.4u @3.40 3u won 5.4u @2.80
Al Mac 0.4u won 0.7u @2.70
MMA Fight Club 1u won 2.4u @3.40
BMMA User 1u won 2.0u @3.00
FLEXPicks 3u won 5.0u @2.68
Chris Picks 1u won 1.7u @2.70
Bro Bet 3u won 5.2u @2.75
MMA INVESTMENT 2u won 4.1u @3.05
Crazy MMA 10u won 17.0u @2.70
Cowboy Sushi 0.1u won 0.2u @2.55
Color_Of_Money 1u won 1.6u @2.65
Ezekiel (betsndat) 0.5u won 0.9u @2.70

Picking Kirk as part of a parlay or prop
ScrapCapper wins by KO/TKO or Decision @4.00
ScrapCapper wins in round 3/Dec @5.00
ScrapCapper wins by (T)KO round 3 @31.00
McBean MMA wins by TKO/KO @8.50
MMA Empire wins by decision @4.50
do-jinmono wins by decision @5.50
PLS Mirror straight pick @2.55
Gold Standart wins inside distance @5.00
Safe Fall wins inside distance @5.00
Mr. X wins by TKO/KO @8.50
Mr. X points handicap +3.5 @2.20
rrw4 wins by (T)KO round 3 @33.00
Cobra Commander straight pick @2.55
Parlays and props with no winner selected
MMA Empire Fight goes the distance @2.40
Bet Wit Bean Fight doesn't go to decision @1.60
iakamber Fight goes the distance @2.40
MMA ByDecision Over 1.5 rounds @1.61
Data Dominica Over 1.5 rounds @1.57
GordoGambles Under 2.5 rounds @1.72
DTDB Under 1.5 rounds @2.45
Al Mac Fight goes to decision @2.38
Andrew James Over 1.5 rounds @1.57  
Fighter B
@1.37 @3.29

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