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Free UFC Betting Tips for Ermil Xhaferi vs Simone Patrizi

Ermil Xhaferi vs Simone Patrizi takes place at Cage Warriors 154 (in Rome), on 6th May 2023
This event is 5 days, 1 hours and 49 minutes away. You can see any predictions our MMA handicappers have on Ermil Xhaferi vs Simone Patrizi below. Handicappers with a green circle have made a profit, whilst handicappers with a red circle have made a loss on their MMA betting predictions to date. Hover your mouse over the circle to see their exact unit profit / loss. The closer we get to the event, the more free picks we get in.

Fight Preview: Tale of the tape for Ermil Xhaferi vs Simone Patrizi

Fighter A
Fighter Record on Sherdog Ermil Xhaferi vs Simone Patrizi Fighter Record on Sherdog
Fight Weight: 155lbs
155lbs Weight 155lbs
NA inches Reach NA inches
NA Height NA
24 Age 29
Fighter B
Last Fight: (L). Lost against Simone Patrizi Last Fight: (L). Lost against Dumitru Girlean

Last 5 fights

Ermil Xhaferi

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
May '23 Italy Simone Patrizi L KO/TKO 3 @1.72
219 days since last fight

Simone Patrizi

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Oct '23 Italy Dumitru Girlean L Sub 3 @3.20
May '23 Albania Ermil Xhaferi W KO/TKO 3 @2.21
44 days since last fight

Betting on Ermil Xhaferi vs Simone Patrizi

More than 50 units profit
0 to 50 units profit
New handicapper
0 to -10 units loss
More than -10 loss

Fighter A Fighter Record on Sherdog Ermil Xhaferi vs Simone Patrizi Fighter Record on Sherdog
Picking Xhaferi straight up
NarcocopMMA 1.2u lost -1.2u @1.83
TheCouchWarrior 1u lost -1u @1.71
Grateful_Dude 1.4u lost -1.4u @1.74
Lou Cov 1u lost -1u @1.72
Jackson Potts 1.38u lost -1.38u @1.72
Kee 1.3u lost -1.3u @1.77  
  Picking Patrizi straight up
Mr.Blonde 1u won 1.5u @2.45
cc 2.4u won 2.5u @2.05
Parlays and props with no winner selected
VB MMA Picks Under 2.5 rounds @1.67
Quadmft Under 2.5 rounds @1.63  
Fighter B
@1.72 @2.21

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