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Free UFC Betting Tips for Demian Maia vs Gilbert Burns

Demian Maia vs Gilbert Burns takes place at UFC Fight Night 169 (in Brasilia), on 14th Mar 2020
This event is 30 days, 2 hours and 34 minutes away. You can see any predictions our MMA handicappers have on Demian Maia vs Gilbert Burns below. Handicappers with a green circle have made a profit, whilst handicappers with a red circle have made a loss on their MMA betting predictions to date. Hover your mouse over the circle to see their exact unit profit / loss. The closer we get to the event, the more free picks we get in.

Fight Preview: Tale of the tape for Demian Maia vs Gilbert Burns

Fighter A
Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Twitter Profile FightMetric Profile Demian Maia vs Gilbert Burns Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile FightMetric Profile
Fight Weight: 170lbs
170lbs Weight 170lbs
72 inches Reach 71 inches
6'0" Height 5'10"
Southpaw Stance Orthodox
44 Age 36
Fighter B
Last Fight: (L). Lost against Belal Muhammad Last Fight: (L). Lost against Khamzat Chimaev

Last 5 fights

Demian Maia

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Jun '21 United States Belal Muhammad L Decision 3 @3.17
Mar '20 United States Gilbert Burns L KO/TKO 1 @2.45
Oct '19 United States Ben Askren W Sub 3 @2.43
Jun '19 United States Tony Martin W Decision 3 @1.57
Feb '19 United States Lyman Good W Sub 1 @1.58
427 days since last fight

Gilbert Burns

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Apr '22 Sweden Khamzat Chimaev L Decision 3 @5.25
Jul '21 United States Stephen Thompson W Decision 3 @2.37
Feb '21 United States Kamaru Usman L KO/TKO 3 @3.46
May '20 United States Tyron Woodley W Decision 5 @2.64
Mar '20 Brazil Demian Maia W KO/TKO 1 @1.74
126 days since last fight

Betting on Demian Maia vs Gilbert Burns

More than 50 units profit
0 to 50 units profit
New handicapper
0 to -10 units loss
More than -10 loss

Fighter A Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Twitter Profile Demian Maia vs Gilbert Burns Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile
Picking Maia straight up
Rush Grayson 1u lost -1u @2.65
MMA Value 5u lost -5u @2.65
SashaBets 5u lost -5u @2.91
Ckauffman28 0.5u lost -0.5u @2.70
MMA Vader 0.5u lost -0.5u @2.75
NASA1 0.5u lost -0.5u @2.70
BMMA User 1u lost -1u @2.65
Owachim Hansen 2020 1.5u lost -1.5u @2.75
Rob Giles 1u lost -1u @2.70
Dog Catcher 1u lost -1u @2.70
Blazeman8DFS 2.5u lost -2.5u @2.70
Ronnies MMA Breakdowns 1u lost -1u @2.70
Savage Player 1u lost -1u @2.60
KhabibTime 0.9u lost -0.9u @2.70
KhabibTime 0.16u lost -0.16u @2.75
The Poison Apple 2u lost -2u @2.75
TheMMA Casual 1u lost -1u @2.25
BigBoss ManUfc 2u lost -2u @2.62
Alexander Melchiott 1u lost -1u @2.65
Lyoku 11u lost -11u @2.50
T Russo 1.5u lost -1.5u @2.60
MMA Superman 1.25u lost -1.25u @2.75
Ram Rod 1u lost -1u @2.60
2u lost -2u @2.67
King Bet 3.5u lost -3.5u @2.70
Color_Of_Money 0.5u lost -0.5u @2.55
do-jinmono 5u lost -5u @2.60
Frozen Caveman 1u lost -1u @2.55
GoatPicks 1u lost -1u @2.55
phillip53 1.5u lost -1.5u @2.60
Crazy Ivan24 4u lost -4u @2.57
Jonnywufc 2u lost -2u @2.60
MMAStateOfMind 1u lost -1u @2.65
Georgy Makarov 2u lost -2u @2.60
hmp 3u lost -3u @2.60
Mousasis Jab at Predictions 0.58u lost -0.58u @2.75
Black Tiger 1u lost -1u @2.60
Matts MMAtips 2u lost -2u @2.50
MMAKELTON 2u lost -2u @2.70
C G 2u lost -2u @2.55
BiggleBA 1u lost -1u @2.60
MMA Prophit 3u lost -3u @2.50
BMMA User 2u lost -2u @2.50
Game Changer 3u lost -3u @2.60
Liamhbets User 1u lost -1u @2.55
5u lost -5u @2.80
springerD4 0.25u lost -0.25u @2.50
5u lost -5u @2.90

Picking Maia as part of a parlay or prop
Kobe Kap straight pick @2.65
TheMMA Casual straight pick @2.70
TheMMA Casual straight pick @2.25
TheMMA Casual straight pick @2.25
BigBoss ManUfc straight pick @2.62
BigBoss ManUfc straight pick @2.62
nabana wins by decision @3.70
Optimal wins by submission @7.00
Alexander Melchiott wins by submission @6.17
Renkse NOT wins by decision @1.32
ScrapCapper wins by submission @8.00
UFC tips wins by decision @3.75
MMATechie wins by decision @3.75
SharpGame wins by submission @8.34
Camboriu straight pick @2.60
Gold Standart wins by decision @2.75
Matts MMAtips straight pick @2.50
Lisamma User straight pick @2.60
Game Changer wins by submission @7.50
Mystic Max wins by submission @7.50
Brent Sutterr wins by decision @3.75  
  Picking Burns straight up
3u won 1.7u @1.56
ScrapCapper 1u won 0.6u @1.59
MacMMA_ 3u won 1.9u @1.62
HumbleMMA 2u won 1.2u @1.62
SharpGame 1.3u won 1.0u @1.77
MMA Fan 6u won 3.8u @1.63
SashaBets 11u won 9.2u @1.83
Capper MMA 1u won 0.6u @1.60
MMA Sniper 2.5u won 1.7u @1.66
Jayden Fisher 3u won 1.3u @1.45
BMMA User 2u won 1.3u @1.63
Gods fight pricks 11u won 5.8u @1.53
John Connors 2.5u won 1.1u @1.44
The last Linemover 11u won 5.5u @1.50
Hera Bets 2u won 1.0u @1.48
Marius Catalin 2u won 0.9u @1.44
Michael Scott 5u won 2.5u @1.50
BMMA Cobrak 10u won 2.5u @1.25
BMMA User 5u won 2.5u @1.50
4 oz Fight Picks 3u won 1.6u @1.53
Maritime MMA 3.76u won 2.0u @1.54
nabana 4u won 2.3u @1.58
pablo_has 9u won 5.1u @1.57
Parched 2u won 1.1u @1.53
BMMA User 3u won 1.7u @1.56
Renkse 0.5u won 0.3u @1.57
Louie Knuxx 3u won 1.7u @1.57
Alexandra Le Yui 3.5u won 2.0u @1.58
Bookie Monster 4u won 2.4u @1.59
10u won 5.7u @1.57
Kapper 5.5u won 2.9u @1.53
Ocho 5u won 2.9u @1.59
Camboriu 0.5u won 0.3u @1.59
bet_2_win_mma 1u won 0.5u @1.54
Martian MMA 3u won 1.8u @1.61
BMMA User 1u won 0.6u @1.55
Str8Cash 1.75u won 1.0u @1.57
TRB Bets (Ryan) 2u won 1.1u @1.57
Crazy MMA 5u won 2.9u @1.57
SaucyPicksMMA 2u won 1.2u @1.59 3u won 1.8u @1.59
MMAPREDICTIONGURU 3u won 1.8u @1.59
Scott Shelvock 0.75u won 0.4u @1.59
Knockout Opinion 1u won 0.6u @1.59
The Oracle 2u won 1.1u @1.53
BBB Investment Fund 1.2u won 0.7u @1.59
Dudas Priest 1.75u won 1.0u @1.59
Scott Shelvock 0.5u won 0.3u @1.61
B Kap 10u won 5.4u @1.54
The Pikey 2u won 1.7u @1.83
Luciano Bets 3.48u won 2.0u @1.57
Red Corner Picks 4u won 2.4u @1.59
Wayofcalm 4u won 2.4u @1.61
Tx Running 1u won 0.6u @1.61
DTDB 2.5u won 1.6u @1.63
En_g_neer Boi 0.235u won 0.1u @1.61

Picking Burns as part of a parlay or prop
MMA Model straight pick @1.53
Lags straight pick @1.50
GorillaPix straight pick @1.48
Notorious Picks straight pick @1.50
The last Linemover straight pick @1.50
Phil Koss straight pick @1.50
Oracle MMA Picks straight pick @1.50
Dane Downey Jr straight pick @1.50
Fartler straight pick @1.57
MMA Cash Grab straight pick @1.57
TDMMA wins inside distance @3.81
TDMMA wins inside distance @3.75
Parched wins by KO/TKO or Sub @3.50
Parched wins by TKO/KO @6.00
Miller UFC straight pick @1.53
Miller UFC straight pick @1.57
MMAValuePlay straight pick @1.57
UFC tips wins by decision @3.75
MMATechie wins by TKO/KO @6.00
MMAjunkie JUNKIEmma straight pick @1.50
Lock of the Night straight pick @1.54
straight pick @1.53
DTDB wins by TKO/KO @5.70
PropHunter wins by TKO/KO @6.00
Mooney Bet straight pick @1.59
Mad Mark wins by TKO/KO @6.00
Mad Mark wins by (T)KO round 3 @20.00
SaucyPicksMMA straight pick @1.59
Cowboy Picks wins by decision @2.62
GorillaPix wins by decision @2.60
BMMA User straight pick @1.48
Hermes MMA straight pick @1.59
MMA Bets Proyect straight pick @1.57
Mark Habshade wins by decision @2.62
Ezekiel (betsndat) wins by decision @2.37
Party Pal Al straight pick @1.55
BettingSodsman straight pick @1.59
Markus Ericsen wins by decision @2.63
B Kap straight pick @1.54
MindCavity straight pick @1.54
Long Island MMA wins by decision @2.20
BMMA User wins by TKO/KO @5.50
BMMA User wins in round 1 @8.00
BMMA User wins by KO/TKO or Sub @3.50
Renkse straight pick @1.59
TMC straight pick @1.57
Parlays and props with no winner selected
Alexander Melchiott Fight doesn't go to decision @2.65
Wavyevan Over 2.5 rounds @1.48
Phil Koss Fight goes to decision @1.54
Bernardo Oliveira Fight goes to decision @1.50
Miller UFC Over 2.5 rounds @1.40
Str8Cash Under 2.5 rounds @2.90
Gold Standart Over 2.5 rounds @1.45
Markus Ericsen Fight goes to decision @1.54
Fight Guru Over 2.5 rounds @1.40
Scooter User Fight goes to decision @1.50
Ezekiel (betsndat) Over 1.5 rounds @1.22
Long Island Lock Fight goes to decision @1.48
Dylan McGee Fight doesn't go to decision @2.30  
Fighter B
@2.45 @1.74

The rest of the UFC Fight Night 169 card

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