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Free UFC Betting Tips for Casey Kenney vs Manny Bermudez

Casey Kenney vs Manny Bermudez takes place at UFC 241 (in Anaheim), on 17th Aug 2019
This event is 20 days, 13 hours and 9 minutes away. You can see any predictions our MMA handicappers have on Casey Kenney vs Manny Bermudez below. Handicappers with a green circle have made a profit, whilst handicappers with a red circle have made a loss on their MMA betting predictions to date. Hover your mouse over the circle to see their exact unit profit / loss. The closer we get to the event, the more free picks we get in.

Fight Preview: Tale of the tape for Casey Kenney vs Manny Bermudez

Fighter A
Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile FightMetric Profile Casey Kenney vs Manny Bermudez Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile FightMetric Profile
Fight Weight: 135lbs
135lbs Weight 145lbs
68 inches Reach 72.5 inches
5'7" Height 5'10"
Southpaw Stance Orthodox
28 Age 25
Fighter B
Last Fight: (W). Beat Manny Bermudez Last Fight: (L). Lost against Charles Rosa

Last 5 fights

Casey Kenney

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Aug '19 United States Manny Bermudez W Decision 3 @2.50
Mar '19 United States Ray Borg W Decision 3 @3.25
Mar '19 Vince Cachero W KO/TKO 1 @1.81
Nov '18 Brandon Royval W Decision 5 @1.41
Aug '17 United States Adam Antolin L Split Dec 3 @1.44
113 days since last fight

Manny Bermudez

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Oct '19 United States Charles Rosa L Sub 1 @1.61
Aug '19 United States Casey Kenney L Decision 3 @1.63
Feb '19 United States Benito Lopez W Sub 1 @1.54
Jul '18 England Davey Grant W Sub 1 @1.40
Feb '18 United States Albert Morales W Sub 2 @1.65
51 days since last fight

Betting on Casey Kenney vs Manny Bermudez

More than 50 units profit
0 to 50 units profit
New handicapper
0 to -10 units loss
More than -10 loss

Fighter A Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Casey Kenney vs Manny Bermudez Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile
Picking Kenney straight up
James Higgins 1u won 1.3u @2.25
WillyD 1.5u won 1.9u @2.25
BMMA User 1u won 1.3u @2.30
ev bettor 1u won 1.1u @2.14
Bookie Monster 5u won 5.5u @2.10
AJ 4u won 4.2u @2.05
Willytrooper 1u won 1.1u @2.05
Bigboybets 1.5u won 1.7u @2.10
SCDan 3u won 3.0u @2.00
MMATechie 2u won 2.3u @2.15
Sonnyboy Lol 2u won 2.2u @2.10
Consummate Ease 0.97u won 1.2u @2.20
TheMMA Casual 1u won 1.1u @2.10
MacMMA_ 2u won 2.2u @2.10
RDS MMA 2u won 2.5u @2.24
PetesBets 4u won 4.6u @2.16
AJ 1u won 1.1u @2.10
MMAVegasPete 2u won 2.2u @2.10
Mack 10u won 10.0u @2.00
MMAjunkie JUNKIEmma 2.5u won 2.8u @2.12
MMA WISEGUY 1u won 1.1u @2.15
Giorgio Rises 6u won 6.9u @2.15
The Fund 1u won 1.3u @2.30
ScrapCapper 1.5u won 2.0u @2.35
JonStargaryen MMA 1.5u won 2.0u @2.35
GoatPicks 1u won 1.1u @2.15
John 3.1u won 3.8u @2.22
AuTT 2u won 2.7u @2.34
MMAVegasPete 1u won 1.4u @2.35
Aidank Aidank 3u won 4.1u @2.35
Danny Sanchez 1.5u won 2.1u @2.37
0.5u won 0.7u @2.34
BPT20 1u won 1.4u @2.35
MacMMA_ 0.5u won 0.6u @2.25
Head Kicks and Fight Picks 2u won 2.6u @2.30
MMATechie 2u won 2.6u @2.30
Sriram Muralidaran 1u won 1.5u @2.45
Bet Bot 2.0 4u won 5.9u @2.48
Marximus 5u won 7.3u @2.45
Chansen10 2.5u won 2.9u @2.15
FN Fightpicks 1u won 1.4u @2.40
John Cena 1.5u won 2.0u @2.30
MattyNice 0.5u won 0.7u @2.45
GorillaPix 1u won 1.5u @2.45
The Process 4u won 4.4u @2.10
805MMA 1u won 1.5u @2.50
Optimal MMA Picks 1u won 1.4u @2.40
Color_Of_Money 3.2u won 3.7u @2.15
Pablo Escobar 1.5u won 2.1u @2.40
MMATechie 2u won 3.0u @2.50
Timothy Palaski 2.5u won 3.5u @2.41
Only One Bet 4u won 4.4u @2.10
BMMA User 1u won 1.4u @2.40
5u won 7.7u @2.55
BMMA User 3u won 4.5u @2.50

Picking Kenney as part of a parlay or prop
Bookie Monster straight pick @2.00
Mack straight pick @2.00
MMAjunkie JUNKIEmma straight pick @2.00
ScrapCapper wins by decision @3.55
Predictions UFC straight pick @2.18
Str8Cash NOT wins in round 1 @1.08
Str8Cash NOT wins by submission @1.05
Giorgio Rises straight pick @2.25
WillyD wins by decision @3.40
WillyD wins by decision @3.40
WillyD wins by decision @3.40
Mark Habshade wins by decision @3.55
John wins in round 3 @15.75
Wombat MMA straight pick @2.18
Mike Skinner wins by decision @3.75
DarkHorse MMAus straight pick @2.35
John Cena wins by decision @3.75
The Open Roll wins by decision @4.00  
  Picking Bermudez straight up
Str8Cash 1u lost -1u @1.67
Wamrage 2u lost -2u @1.77
KINGS MMA 2u lost -2u @1.65
Caballo Loco 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.68
Jariahus Falesima 11u lost -11u @1.65
MrBlack User 11u lost -11u @1.77
The Enfuego 6u lost -6u @1.77
1.25u lost -1.25u @1.80
BMMA User 10u lost -10u @1.80
Andy 3u lost -3u @1.72
Janus User 11u lost -11u @1.85
Blank Blank 3.43u lost -3.43u @1.80
Donny 2.3u lost -2.3u @1.87
Georgy Makarov 3u lost -3u @1.87
Daniel Mehrabian 3u lost -3u @1.83
BMMA User 3u lost -3u @1.85
Joshua Angelo 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.80
Lock of the Night 2u lost -2u @1.82
BMMA User 6u lost -6u @1.82
Ooze 2u lost -2u @1.80
Ooze 0.5u lost -0.5u @1.80
Anthony Venutolo 3u lost -3u @1.80
Joe Russo 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.80
Inside The Cage 1.25u lost -1.25u @1.80
MannysPicks 1.25u lost -1.25u @1.80
FCMMA 2.6u lost -2.6u @1.77
1u lost -1u @1.72
DominantPicks 3u lost -3u @1.80
MMAKELTON 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.80
SubliminalMMA 2u lost -2u @1.83
BMMA User 0.5u lost -0.5u @1.77
Wellstack MMA 10u lost -10u @1.73
Delije 3u lost -3u @1.80
MikeyMcD7 2.8u lost -2.8u @1.71
springerD4 3u lost -3u @1.62
gem779 2u lost -2u @1.77
MarseTeufel 4u lost -4u @1.78
Chris White 3u lost -3u @1.80
Dudas Priest 1u lost -1u @1.80
Gabe Ily 2u lost -2u @1.77
a 4.05u lost -4.05u @1.74
LasVegas Investments 2u lost -2u @1.74
The_ Spaniard 3u lost -3u @1.72
Ty Holbrook 11u lost -11u @1.80
2.4u lost -2.4u @1.86
JC Bets 2.4u lost -2.4u @1.86
L Dizzle 2.5u lost -2.5u @1.73
Dakidjay326 2u lost -2u @1.73
Ya Boi Picks 8.28u lost -8.28u @1.72
B365 Mano Picks 2u lost -2u @1.76
_ 2u lost -2u @1.73
Mike Alexander 1u lost -1u @1.74
Ex user 2u lost -2u @1.76
Will Martin 2u lost -2u @1.80
Mir Theory 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.71
BMMA User 2u lost -2u @1.65
BettingSodsman 2u lost -2u @1.74
Jimi Tipster 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.80
CoolHandJack17 2u lost -2u @1.70
Bobby Nudillos 1.55u lost -1.55u @1.65
BARU MMA 3.6u lost -3.6u @1.70
Alexander Melchiott 1u lost -1u @1.73
do-jinmono 10u lost -10u @1.73
Roy Mercury 5u lost -5u @1.64
phillip53 4u lost -4u @1.65
Hermes MMA 3u lost -3u @1.72
Mooney Bet 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.73
Balance Bet 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.73
Game Changer 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.73
Lucky Guy 1u lost -1u @1.61
1.01u lost -1.01u @1.74
Vb 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.74
Chop MMA 5u lost -5u @1.80
BenlikesfoodMMA 1.2u lost -1.2u @1.83
Bobby Nudillos 2u lost -2u @1.63
akatako diary 3u lost -3u @1.81
Dann 4u lost -4u @1.65
KOP KingOfParlays 1u lost -1u @1.61
Jeffren MMA 10u lost -10u @1.67
Analytics MMA 8u lost -8u @1.67
BMMA User 2u lost -2u @1.63
King Bet 7.5u lost -7.5u @1.64
@DCRiBBZ 4u lost -4u @1.63
UFC Bettor 11u lost -11u @1.60 2.22u lost -2.22u @1.61
Alpha Bettor 5u lost -5u @1.67
LastWishGenie 3u lost -3u @1.77
Master Shake 2u lost -2u @1.60
FUbuddy 5u lost -5u @1.70
Lisamma User 2u lost -2u @1.61
BMMA User 2u lost -2u @1.61
The Storm 3u lost -3u @1.65
Dan Ely 1.8u lost -1.8u @1.56

Picking Bermudez as part of a parlay or prop
Roy Mercury straight pick @1.63
That High Guy straight pick @1.65
That High Guy straight pick @1.65
Joshua Angelo straight pick @1.80
L Dizzle straight pick @1.73
Bernardo Oliveira straight pick @1.70
Jariahus Falesima straight pick @1.73
Jariahus Falesima straight pick @1.73
Jariahus Falesima straight pick @1.73
Jariahus Falesima straight pick @1.73
Caballo Loco straight pick @1.77
MarseTeufel wins inside distance @2.55
The_ Spaniard wins inside distance @2.30
Long Beach Picks straight pick @1.74
Mike Alexander wins inside distance @2.35
Jariahus Falesima wins by submission @2.35
Jariahus Falesima wins in round 1/2 @2.75
P Mock straight pick @1.71
P Mock straight pick @1.71
CoolHandJack17 wins inside distance @2.30
CoolHandJack17 straight pick @1.70
Jimi Tipster wins by decision @6.00
LEFTY_MMA wins inside distance @2.35
Bernardo Oliveira straight pick @1.80
Bernardo Oliveira straight pick @1.72
Daniel Mehrabian straight pick @1.65
Alexander Melchiott straight pick @1.66
Inside The Cage wins by submission @2.25
Chris Grieve straight pick @1.59
Sharp Shooter wins by decision @6.30
wins by submission @2.25
KOP KingOfParlays straight pick @1.61
KOP KingOfParlays straight pick @1.61
Ya Boi Picks straight pick @1.59
G Picks wins by submission @2.25
Conor ONeill wins by submission @2.05
SaucyPicksMMA straight pick @1.61
Caballo Loco wins by submission @2.15
Parlays and props with no winner selected
Anthony Venutolo Fight doesn't go to decision @1.54
Pumba MMA Fight doesn't go to decision @1.62
UFC Doodes Over 2.5 rounds @1.36
MMA Wagers Fight doesn't go to decision @1.56
The Enfuego Fight doesn't go to decision @1.56
MMAFightIQ Under 2.5 rounds @1.65  
Fighter B
@2.50 @1.63

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