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Free UFC Betting Tips for Cub Swanson vs Kron Gracie

Cub Swanson vs Kron Gracie takes place at UFC on ESPN+ 19 (in San Francisco), on 12th Oct 2019
This event is 11 days, 21 hours and 18 minutes away. You can see any predictions our MMA handicappers have on Cub Swanson vs Kron Gracie below. Handicappers with a green circle have made a profit, whilst handicappers with a red circle have made a loss on their MMA betting predictions to date. Hover your mouse over the circle to see their exact unit profit / loss. The closer we get to the event, the more free picks we get in.

Fight Preview: Tale of the tape for Cub Swanson vs Kron Gracie

Fighter A
Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Twitter Profile FightMetric Profile Cub Swanson vs Kron Gracie Fighter Record on Sherdog FightMetric Profile
Fight Weight: 145lbs
145lbs Weight 145lbs
70 inches Reach NA inches
5'8" Height 5'9"
Orthodox Stance NA
38 Age 33
Fighter B
Last Fight: (W). Beat Darren Elkins Last Fight: (L). Lost against Cub Swanson

Last 5 fights

Cub Swanson

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Dec '21 United States Darren Elkins W KO/TKO 1 @1.62
May '21 Georgia Giga Chikadze L KO/TKO 1 @2.63
Dec '20 United States Daniel Pineda W KO/TKO 2 @2.45
Oct '19 Brazil Kron Gracie W Decision 3 @2.71
May '19 United States Shane Burgos L Split Dec 3 @2.64
157 days since last fight

Kron Gracie

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Oct '19 United States Cub Swanson L Decision 3 @1.55
Feb '19 United States Alex Caceres W Sub 1 @1.39
955 days since last fight

Betting on Cub Swanson vs Kron Gracie

More than 50 units profit
0 to 50 units profit
New handicapper
0 to -10 units loss
More than -10 loss

Fighter A Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Twitter Profile Cub Swanson vs Kron Gracie Fighter Record on Sherdog
Picking Swanson straight up
iakamber 1u won 2.1u @3.10
iakamber 1.25u won 2.5u @3.00
ScrapCapper 1u won 1.4u @2.35
Jordan3399 2u won 3.3u @2.64
JonStargaryen MMA 2u won 3.0u @2.50
Jordan3399 2u won 3.2u @2.62
BMMA User 1.5u won 2.1u @2.40
Daniel Mehrabian 5u won 6.8u @2.35
Thick Rhomboid Picks 2u won 3.3u @2.65
Will Martin 2u won 3.2u @2.60
Owakim hansen 2u won 3.0u @2.52
Ozzy P 1u won 1.7u @2.75
Marximus 5u won 7.7u @2.55
Sector 7G 0.5u won 0.8u @2.50
MMAjunkie JUNKIEmma 2u won 3.2u @2.60
MMAjunkie JUNKIEmma 1u won 1.4u @2.35
UFC Degen 1u won 1.4u @2.39
MMAjunkie JUNKIEmma 0.6u won 0.8u @2.35
MMAjunkie JUNKIEmma 0.4u won 0.5u @2.35
MMAjunkie JUNKIEmma 0.4u won 0.5u @2.35
4u won 6.0u @2.50
Infinite Edge 2u won 3.0u @2.50
2u won 2.8u @2.42
SubliminalMMA 2u won 3.3u @2.65
SablasniK User 2u won 3.0u @2.50
RDS MMA 0.5u won 0.7u @2.45
BMMA User 1u won 1.5u @2.51
MacMMA_ 1.5u won 2.3u @2.50
SaucyPicksMMA 3u won 4.5u @2.50
FN Fightpicks 1u won 1.5u @2.50
Alexandra Le Yui 1u won 1.6u @2.60
MacMMA_ 0.5u won 0.7u @2.40
RDS MMA 0.9u won 1.3u @2.44
GOAT 0.5u won 0.7u @2.44
BOOYAH 2u won 2.8u @2.40
Value Bet 1u won 1.4u @2.40
Willytrooper 2u won 2.7u @2.35
MMA Selector 2.5u won 3.5u @2.40
Dog Catcher 1u won 1.4u @2.35
Rob Giles 1u won 1.4u @2.35
BetsbyJ 1u won 1.8u @2.85
BMMA User 1u won 1.4u @2.40
Fartler 1.5u won 2.0u @2.30
BMMA User 1u won 1.5u @2.50
MMA Selector 3.5u won 4.6u @2.32
Janus User 5u won 6.7u @2.33
Infinite Edge 1u won 1.4u @2.40
KAPS SPORTS 1.25u won 1.9u @2.55
Crazy MMA 2.5u won 3.8u @2.51
MMA MENSAH 1u won 1.5u @2.50
Louie Knuxx 3u won 4.1u @2.37
SaucyPicksMMA 2u won 3.0u @2.50
man604 1u won 1.5u @2.55
UNDERDOG KING 5u won 8.0u @2.60
Skillz Sports Betting 4u won 6.0u @2.50
MMA WISEGUY 1u won 1.6u @2.60
adventure9000 1u won 1.6u @2.60
BMMA User 1.5u won 2.4u @2.60
Martian MMA 3u won 4.5u @2.50
MMA Vader 1u won 1.5u @2.48
RDS MMA 1.1u won 1.8u @2.60
Mr. Jackpots 3u won 4.8u @2.60
Mystic Max 0.5u won 0.8u @2.50
High SteaksMMA 2u won 2.8u @2.38
TRB Bets (Ryan) 3u won 4.5u @2.50
BMMA User 5u won 6.4u @2.28
BMMA User 3u won 4.5u @2.50
Evil Scotsman 2.25u won 3.1u @2.40
Sriram Muralidaran 2u won 3.1u @2.55
Vb 2.5u won 3.8u @2.50
Ash Anderson 1.5u won 2.3u @2.55
MikeyMcD7 1u won 1.7u @2.70
TheFightGambler 2.5u won 4.2u @2.68
Value Bet 2u won 3.4u @2.68
Analytics MMA 4u won 7.0u @2.75
Phil Koss 1u won 1.6u @2.62
Tx Running 1u won 1.6u @2.60
2u won 3.6u @2.80
Chris Grieve 3.5u won 5.6u @2.60
MMA Cash Grab 1.5u won 2.5u @2.68
GOAT 0.5u won 0.9u @2.80
Maks Dzikonskiy 5u won 8.1u @2.62
WinCorner 3u won 5.4u @2.80
gem779 1.5u won 2.6u @2.75
Skillz Sports Betting 1u won 1.7u @2.70
Esqueci de colocar as apostas 1.5u won 2.4u @2.60
Notorious Picks 1u won 1.5u @2.49
PaperPicks 2u won 3.1u @2.55
Lanky Jesus 1u won 1.6u @2.60
Jon Bones 4u won 7.4u @2.85

Picking Swanson as part of a parlay or prop
Sector 7G straight pick @2.62
BrozillaUK straight pick @2.63
20 Spot NOT wins by submission @1.03
Sector 7G straight pick @2.40
BMMA User straight pick @2.37
MMA Selector straight pick @2.30
JoanCombatPicks wins by TKO/KO @4.70
man604 straight pick @2.55
Pigs 89 wins by TKO/KO @5.00
MMA Vader wins by TKO/KO @4.70
Game Changer wins by decision @4.50
do-jinmono wins by decision @4.50
Mr Blue wins by TKO/KO @5.50
Goldan wins by TKO/KO @6.20
Information Asymmetry wins by TKO/KO @5.50
Information Asymmetry wins by decision @4.00  
  Picking Gracie straight up
T Russo 2.5u lost -2.5u @1.54
Pigs 89 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.50
Dorian Kaioh 7u lost -7u @1.51
BMMA User 0.3u lost -0.3u @1.53
Parched 5u lost -5u @1.50
hednuts 5u lost -5u @1.59
Aidank Aidank 5u lost -5u @1.63
Spreadsheetmma 2u lost -2u @1.65
AuTT 5u lost -5u @1.60
B Kap 11u lost -11u @1.61
Smoking Gastelum 1.59u lost -1.59u @1.59
BMMA User 4u lost -4u @1.63
JMD 2u lost -2u @1.50
Gods fight pricks 3u lost -3u @1.67
Gold Standart 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.67
BMMA User 2.35u lost -2.35u @1.67
Long Beach Picks 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.67
Mooney Bet 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.68
BJJBetting Chino 1u lost -1u @1.38
Eastern Antelope 11u lost -11u @1.61
Dogs And Kisses 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.59
Mike Alexander 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.61
Information Asymmetry 1u lost -1u @1.50
DOCR 8.5u lost -8.5u @1.56
bet_2_win_mma 1u lost -1u @1.54
MMA Passionista 3u lost -3u @1.54
Crazy Ivan24 11u lost -11u @1.56
Brent Sutterr 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.63
_ 2.5u lost -2.5u @1.61
Alexander Melchiott 1u lost -1u @1.63
The Enfuego 6u lost -6u @1.63
Dann 3u lost -3u @1.61
420MMApicks 3u lost -3u @1.54
MMAStateOfMind 1.5u lost -1.5u @1.67
John Mendo 11u lost -11u @1.87
FACEOFFMMA 1u lost -1u @1.56
BiggleBA 2u lost -2u @1.53
IceStationZebra 3u lost -3u @1.67
BMMA User 5u lost -5u @1.50

Picking Gracie as part of a parlay or prop
Better Bettor wins inside distance @1.83
AuTT straight pick @1.55
KhabibTime straight pick @1.64
JoanCombatPicks straight pick @1.57
Kobe Kap straight pick @1.53
Str8Cash wins inside distance @1.83
John Connors straight pick @1.50
BMMA User straight pick @1.56
Lock of the Night wins inside distance @1.95
Parched wins by submission @2.05
Parched wins inside distance @2.00
Oracle MMA Picks wins by submission @1.95
MMAKELTON wins by submission @2.15
Aidank Aidank wins by submission @2.05
BBB Investment Fund wins by submission @2.15
Mike Alexander wins inside distance @2.05
Matts MMAtips wins by submission @2.00
Matts MMAtips wins by submission @2.00
Jimmyhug3 NOT wins by decision @1.15
Knockout Opinion wins inside distance @2.00
KhabibTime wins inside distance @2.00
Kobe Kap straight pick @1.54
MMA Vader wins by submission @2.00
Frozen Caveman straight pick @1.59
Mr. Jackpots wins by submission @2.10
MMA Yeezy wins by submission @2.10
MMA Yeezy wins by sub round 1 @3.60
ns wins in round 1/2 @4.88
Balance Bet wins inside distance @2.00
phillip53 wins by submission @1.91
MrBlack User straight pick @1.63
Black Belt in ELATION wins inside distance @2.05
GRATEFUL Energy wins inside distance @2.05
Bigboybets straight pick @1.61
BettingSodsman straight pick @1.61
BMMA User wins inside distance @2.00
Crazy Ivan24 wins inside distance @1.80
UFC.Tips wins by sub round 2 @7.00
Wizzard MMA wins inside distance @1.91
MMA Vader wins by sub round 2 @7.00
Parlays and props with no winner selected
Fight doesn't go to decision @1.53
BJJBetting Chino Under 1.5 rounds @2.15
SablasniK User Fight ends in round 1/2 @1.71
High SteaksMMA Fight doesn't go to decision @1.42
Alexander Melchiott Fight doesn't go to decision @1.44
AuTT Under 2.5 rounds @1.53
See the future Fight doesn't go to decision @1.53
Showtime Shelbs Fight doesn't go to decision @1.44  
Fighter B
@2.71 @1.55

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