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LFA 72

Phoenix; 27th Jul 2019

Favourite wins: 2
Underdog wins: 0
$10 on all favourites nets: $8.26
$10 on all underdogs nets: $-20.00

Total Fight Time: 00:02:45 (Hours:Mins:Seconds)
Average Fight Time: 01:22 (Mins:Seconds)

MMA Handicapper Performance for LFA 72

Fighter A Fighter Record on Sherdog Chris Harris vs Daniel Madrid Fighter Record on Sherdog
Result: Daniel Madrid won by submission at 0:51 of round 1
Picking Harris straight up
ncow 0.5u lost -0.5u @2.25
3.5u lost -3.5u @2.50
HybridIntelligence 7u lost -7u @2.50  
Fighter B
@2.89 @1.45
Fighter A Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Anthony Birchak vs Raphael Montini de Lima Fighter Record on Sherdog
Result: Anthony Birchak won by submission at 1:54 of round 1
Picking Birchak straight up
Gang Gestures 2.78u won 1.0u @1.36  
Fighter B
@1.37 @3.22

Overall bet winnings / losses for LFA 72

Handicapper Picks Right Units Bet Units Won ROI %
2 0 4.0 -4.0 -100%
ncow 1 0 0.5 -0.5 -100%
HybridIntelligence 1 0 7.0 -7.0 -100%
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