MMA Betting Apps

If you want keep up to date with our mma handicappers more easily on your mobile, we’ve now got three apps relating to the MMA stats and MMA betting aspects of the site.

The main one for UFC betting is our MMA Free Betting Tips app. It also includes the paid betting tips but it’s just called free betting tips cos that sounds more appealing to new users 🙂 From there you can keep up to date with everyone’s picks and follow handicappers to get emails alerts when they make new picks.

The second app is our MMA / UFC Statistics App. This basically covers all the stats bits of the sites. As with the rest of the site, it weaves together UFC betting stats with general stats such as height, reach, weight, age etc to provide plenty of very useful MMA Betting info.

The final app is our odds conversion tool. Created for us by Mark O’Sullivan, on of our top users for MMA Tycoon. This app allows you to convert from American, Decimal and % Probability odds formats.

Please download and rate the apps to help push us up the rankings on Google Play!