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MMA Betting Stats Summary

Overall Stats

Straight Fight Picks



Right 0 (0%) Right 0 (0%) Right 0 (nan%) Right 0 (nan%)
Wrong 3 (100%) Wrong 3 (100%) Wrong 0 (nan%) Wrong 0 (nan%)
Avg Odds 2.75 Avg Odds 2.75 Avg Odds nan Avg Odds nan
Units Bet 33.0 Units Bet 33.0 Units Bet 0.0 Units Bet 0.0
Avg Bet 11.00 Warning - Reckless Betting! Avg Bet 11.00 Warning - Reckless Betting! Avg Bet nan Avg Bet nan
Units Profit -33.00 Units Profit -33.00 Units Profit 0.00 Units Profit 0.00
ROI % -100% ROI % -100% ROI % nan% ROI % nan%
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Straight Pick Stats

  Picks Correct % Correct Units Bet Units Profit Profit per Pick ROI
Big Favorites (0%) nan % 0.00 0.00 nan nan%
Slight Favorites (0%) nan % 0.00 0.00 nan nan%
Slight Underdogs 1 (33%) 0 % 11.00 -11.00 -11.00 -100%
Big Underdogs 2 (67%) 0 % 22.00 -22.00 -11.00 -100%

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BMMA User's MMA Handicapper Bio

I ask if you try this service to have a starting bankroll of 100 units, to begin with. I may have losing days, weeks or even months but what I can guarantee is long term profit. MMA is an excellent sport to starting betting and making serious money from. Fighters are routinely under and overvalued, both by fans and bookies, some fighters have tendencies that make bookies make mistakes because of the relatively new nature of the sport and MMA fans will always think they have found the next big star, only for the fighter to be destroyed by an MMA vet. There are plenty of other reasons why the money lines are so skewed compared to other sports. this means that there is a lot of money to be made. Subscribe and see for yourself. 

Picks on Upcoming MMA Fights by BMMA User

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BMMA User's MMA Handicapper's Pick History

Your $ bet per unit is set at $10. You can edit that value in your settings.

UFC 249, Florida, 10th May '20

Pick Opponent   Odds Unit
Dominick Cruz Henry Cejudo L 2.88 11 -11.00 $-110.00 -100% Bet Info
Jairzinho Rozenstruik Francis Ngannou L 3.40 11 -11.00 $-110.00 -100% Bet Info
Donald Cerrone Anthony Pettis L 2.22 11 -11.00 $-110.00 -100% Bet Info
Straight Pick Event Totals:   2.75 33.00 -33.00 $-330.00 -100%  
Event Totals (Props, Parlays & Straight Bets):   33.00 -33.00 $-330.00 -100%  

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