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Crypto Currency Value Analysis Table

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Simply looking at market cap or price does not give a true valuation of a crypto currency. This site takes the base information from Coin Market Cap and adds some filters and extra calculations to illustrate relative values of each crypto in an easy to understand format.

Current Circulation vs Total Supply: Some currencies have more coins / tokens than are in the general circulation. The "Market Cap" displayed on e.g. Coin Market Cap only takes into account the supply in general circulation and not the total supply. This gives a false value. Ripple for example has nearly 3x as many total coins compared to those in general circulation and when you take into account those extra coins it values Ripple nearly as highly as Ethereum.
Adjusted price: This figure takes the current price of Bitcoin as a base, then values every other crypto from there. All cryptos have a different number of coins in circulation, but if they had the same number of coins as bitcoin, this is how much one of those coins would cost.
% of BTC: The market capitalisation of each coin, measured against BTC, or whichever crypto you choose to compare to.

  Currency Symbol Market Cap Price Adjusted Price Circulation Tot Supply % of BTC
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