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How we compare against the MMA Cappers! Let's review!

BetMMA was initially a wisdom of crowds only site, but now has a directory of MMA tipsters. Most of the tipsters originally noted here have signed up to the directory - the only two that haven't, I've left the original reviews below.

I found this site doing a search for "Wisdom of Crowds MMA" and they have a page detailing their 2013 total profits show up. They charge $49.95 to view their picks PER EVENT. Holy poop. The article details their "6 month returns" of 73%. That's not bad. However, from what I can see, that's actually just over 7 months for starters. It's also spread over 24 events.

Since then I have managed to find a further breakdown, here. From May 25th 2013 to 5th April 2015 (the date as I write this) they are at +70.56 units with an ROI of 11% over 71 events.

MMAOddsBreaker: 71 events * $49.95 is $3,546,45. Gulp. Thankfully they offer 6 months for $799.99, so those 71 events can be yours for just $3,199.96.
Us: To view 71 events we'll charge you a maximum of $213 and if you buy credits in bulk, you'll get them for $160 and still have credits spare. Not to mention we'll give you free credits if you make predictions yourself.

MMAOddsBreaker: On that initial page, which they claim is a super successful period, they state you need to be betting $15 per unit to break even, meaning you'd need to bet $1,300 just to break even. Between May 25th 2013 to 5th April 2015 you would need to bet $45.35 per unit just to break even on their fees. So in total you would have to bet $29,120 just to break even.
Us: Betting $45.35 per unit under our system would net you $27,553.30 profit. ($27,553.30 income and MAXIMUM $0 fees over events). That's just on straight bets; no parlays.

Summary: These guys are very expensive. Maybe I should be charging fees like this but for now, I'm gunna go for what I think is a fair price of a few dollars.... if you end up making loads of money from our picks, great, please feel free to donate some extra cash! I'll take half (that I'll put back into developing MMA Tycoon) and the rest I'll split amongst our predictors.

I found this place searching for domain names to buy. I wanted this domain name but oh well! :) Fees wise, we're in a much more sensible ball park of $9.99 a month flat fee.

One benefit he has over us is that he can give you tips like over / under number of rounds and win methods, whereas we just do win / loss fight picks. He also offers predictions on more events than us (WSOF and Bellator etc). I tried offering odds on a couple of these events but so few fights are made available by bookies that it just ended up being a mess. For example, for WSOF 16 one fight got cancelled last minute then only 2 fights were offered odds and now we have a dirty great red blob in our event history because 2 fights just isn't enough fights per event for our concept.

He has a very solid pick success of 70% in 2014. N.B. It says 2014 but I'm pretty sure this is his picks for 2015.

Profits: He states a profit of 72.79 units for 2014. $10 a month isn't a lot so I would say it's OK value. $120 a year in fees means you're going to need a starting bankroll of $165 to break even on those fees.

Summary: He's operating a pretty low risk, low reward system. If you're betting say $40+ per event, it's worth seeing what he has to say, in addition to our predictions, because of the different types of bet he can offer you, aside from just fight picks. Again though, in terms of actual profits, we're significantly more profitable; we were well ahead of 73 units profit after just 4 events.

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