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Picks are currently available for free! We will in time charge for picks but for the time being, don't worry about buying picks! :)

Buy Event Credits

Credit Balance:

Event credits last for the life of your account. To view one event costs one credit. $3 per event is insanely cheap for a betting tipster so it may change in the future. Our main competitors charge as much as $49.95 per event and have worse performance than us. You can check out our competitors here.


$3: one event
$10: four events ($2.50 per event)
$20: nine events ($2.22 per event)

Earn Event Credits

$2.22 per event too much? No problem! As well as buying credits you can also earn them! Simply sign up and start predicting fights and you'll earn credits if you perform well. Click here for our guide to predicting MMA fights.

Earning Credits - How it Works
- There is a cap of +3 / -3 credits per event to stop people guessing.
- There is no upper limit for total credits earned but you can't drop below -1 credit at any one point.
- It works a lot like how we value your picks in the actual system. Primarily the higher the confidence and prediction levels the more you gain / lose in credits. If you pick against the crowd and get it right that's an extra bonus. If you pick an underdog that's more credits.... but again, if you pick incorrectly, you lose more credits too. Be smart and don't guess but if you can offer something more unique than just picking Anderson Silva against Nick Diaz, we'll reward you for that!
- You will gain / lose more credits for predicting fights that fewer other people predict. So basically predicting main event fights will get you less credits than predicting undercard fights. BUT if you get those fights wrong, you lose more credits too.


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