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Tout Troll (Tout Troll)

Mixed Martial Arts Management - Tout Troll

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MMA Betting Stats Summary

Overall Stats

Straight Fight Picks



Right 0 (0%) Right 0 (0%) Right 0 (nan%) Right 0 (nan%)
Wrong 3 (100%) Wrong 3 (100%) Wrong 0 (nan%) Wrong 0 (nan%)
Avg Odds 2.05 Avg Odds 2.05 Avg Odds nan Avg Odds nan
Units Bet 3.0 Units Bet 3.0 Units Bet 0.0 Units Bet 0.0
Avg Bet 1.00 Avg Bet 1.00 Avg Bet nan Avg Bet nan
Units Profit -3.00 Units Profit -3.00 Units Profit 0.00 Units Profit 0.00
ROI % -100% ROI % -100% ROI % nan% ROI % nan%
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Straight Pick Stats

  Picks Correct % Correct Units Bet Units Profit Profit per Pick ROI
Big Favorites (0%) nan % 0.00 0.00 nan nan%
Slight Favorites 1 (33%) 0 % 1.00 -1.00 -1.00 -100%
Slight Underdogs 2 (67%) 0 % 2.00 -2.00 -1.00 -100%
Big Underdogs (0%) nan % 0.00 0.00 nan nan%

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Tout Troll 's MMA Handicapper Bio

I always get the best odds. Even if they don’t exist. I get away doing this by picking odds that did exist in the past, that way it’s hard for me to get called out. Just by me getting best odds my track record is very inflated, but most people don’t understand the math or compounding so I get away with it.

You might find me sending you a DM to buy my picks. I’ll tell you how much money you can make with me, just look at my record! You have no chance to replicate the hope of fake profits i’m selling you, but I don’t care because I make money off you not by betting fights.  

Picks on Upcoming MMA Fights by Tout Troll

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Tout Troll 's MMA Handicapper's Pick History

Your $ bet per unit is set at $10. You can edit that value in your settings.

UFC 237, Brazil, 11th May '19

Pick Opponent   Odds Unit
Rose Namajunas Jessica Andrade L 2.75 1 -1.00 $-10.00 -100% Bet Info
Thiago Alves Laureano Staropoli L 2.01 1 -1.00 $-10.00 -100% Bet Info
Talita Bernardo Viviane Araujo L 1.66 1 -1.00 $-10.00 -100% Bet Info
Straight Pick Event Totals:   2.05 3.00 -3.00 $-30.00 -100%  
Event Totals (Props, Parlays & Straight Bets):   3.00 -3.00 $-30.00 -100%  

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