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MMA Handicapper Profile: Niall Smith

Niall Smith (NiallKnows)

Mixed Martial Arts Management - Niall Smith

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Straight Fight Picks



Right 0 (0%) Right 0 (0%) Right 0 (0%) Right 0 (0%)
Wrong 1 (100%) Wrong 1 (100%) Wrong 0 (0%) Wrong 0 (0%)
Avg Odds 2.00 Avg Odds 2.00 Avg Odds 0.00 Avg Odds 0.00
Units Bet 6.0 Units Bet 6.0 Units Bet 0.0 Units Bet 0.0
Avg Bet 6.00 Avg Bet 6.00 Avg Bet 0.00 Avg Bet 0.00
Units Profit -6.00 Units Profit -6.00 Units Profit 0.00 Units Profit 0.00
ROI % -100% ROI % -100% ROI % 0% ROI % 0%
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  Picks Correct % Correct Units Bet Units Profit Profit per Pick ROI
Big Favorites (0%) 0 % 0.00 0.00 0.00 0%
Slight Favorites (0%) 0 % 0.00 0.00 0.00 0%
Slight Underdogs 1 (100%) 0 % 6.00 -6.00 -6.00 -100%
Big Underdogs (0%) 0 % 0.00 0.00 0.00 0%

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Niall Smith's MMA Handicapper Bio

💰💲💵 Ill be posting my plays here that ill be betting for every ufc event 💰💲💵

I will post one or two single picks free of Charge for every event. Consider these my NAP's for those of you familiar with horse racing. These will be my most confident picks with the best value for odds.💃👍

I will also post a series of other plays that I will be betting for a fixed charge. These will include:

- A Double🎆
- A Treble🎊
- Small fold Parlays💐
- Large fold Parlays🎇
- Seasonal Parlays from Multiple events🎁

The Doubles and Trebles usually pay even money. I'm very confident in these picks so be generous with the wager👌

The Parlays usually have high enough odds so ration your wager. Although I put as much effort into predicting the correct outcomes, there are just too many variables. I mainly just do them for the bit of interest. Don't go putting the house on them🏠

⚠⚠⚠At the end of the day, its your bet. Im just posting what i'm going to be betting. If ya wanna copy mine, great. Hopefully we both make a bitta cash. If ya don't wanna copy mine, great. Please hit me up on twitter and tell me why you think my prediction isn't accurate. If ya don't wanna copy mine and just wanna see how I'm thinking to validate your own prediction, great.. that's what I'm aiming for⚠⚠⚠  

Picks on Upcoming MMA Fights by Niall Smith

This handicapper has made no picks on upcoming fights.

Niall Smith's MMA Handicapper's Pick History

Your $ bet per unit is set at $10. You can edit that value in your settings.

UFC Fight Night 112, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 25th Jun '17

Pick Opponent   Odds Unit
Johnny Case Tony Martin L 2.00 6 -6.00 $-60.00 -100% Bet Info
Straight Pick Event Totals:   2.00 6.00 -6.00 $-60.00 -100%  
Event Totals (Props, Parlays & Straight Bets):   6.00 -6.00 $-60.00 -100%  

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