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MMA Handicapper Profile: Hens Bets


Hens Bets (HensBets)

MMA MHandicapper - Hens Bets

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MMA Betting Stats Summary

Overall Stats

Straight Fight Picks



Right 104 (68%) Right 53 (72%) Right 3 (100%) Right 48 (63%)
Wrong 49 (32%) Wrong 21 (28%) Wrong 0 (0%) Wrong 28 (37%)
Avg Odds 1.89 Avg Odds 1.44 Avg Odds 2.02 Avg Odds 2.71
Units Bet 1,481.5 Units Bet 788.5 Units Bet 33.0 Units Bet 660.0
Avg Bet 9.68 Warning - Reckless Betting! Avg Bet 10.66 Warning - Reckless Betting! Avg Bet 11.00 Warning - Reckless Betting! Avg Bet 8.68 Warning - Reckless Betting!
Units Profit 588.79 Units Profit 14.17 Units Profit 11.46 Units Profit 563.16
ROI % 40% ROI % 2% ROI % 35% ROI % 85%
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Straight Pick Stats

  Picks Correct % Correct Units Bet Units Profit Profit per Pick ROI
Big Favorites (nan%) nan % 0.00 0.00 nan nan%
Slight Favorites (nan%) nan % 0.00 0.00 nan nan%
Slight Underdogs (nan%) nan % 0.00 0.00 nan nan%
Big Underdogs (nan%) nan % 0.00 0.00 nan nan%

Progress Chart



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Hens Bets's MMA Handicapper Bio

Buy and profit. No such thing as a “value” bet. I bet winners. Let’s make this money. Email for 3-month, 6-month, and yearly packages.  

Picks on Upcoming MMA Fights by Hens Bets

This handicapper has made no picks on upcoming fights.

Hens Bets's MMA Handicapper's Pick History

Your $ bet per unit is set at $10. You can edit that value in your settings.

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