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Free UFC Betting Tips for Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight

Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight takes place at UFC 214 (in Anaheim, California), on 29th Jul 2017
This event is 22 days, 8 hours and 46 minutes away. You can see any predictions our MMA handicappers have on Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight below. Handicappers with a green circle have made a profit, whilst handicappers with a red circle have made a loss on their MMA betting predictions to date. Hover your mouse over the circle to see their exact unit profit / loss. The closer we get to the event, the more free picks we get in.

Fight Preview: Tale of the tape for Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight

Fighter A
Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile FightMetric Profile Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Twitter Profile FightMetric Profile
Fight Weight: 145lbs
145lbs Weight 145lbs
71 inches Reach 71 inches
5'8" Height 5'10"
Switches (Mostly Orthodox) Stance Orthodox
35 Age 25
Fighter B
Last Fight: (L). Lost against Josh Emmett Last Fight: (L). Lost against Gabriel Benitez

Last 5 fights

Ricardo Lamas

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Dec '17 United States Josh Emmett L KO/TKO 1 @1.40
Jul '17 United States Jason Knight W KO/TKO 1 @2.10
Nov '16 Brazil Charles Oliveira W Sub 2 @2.01
Jun '16 United States Max Holloway L Decision 3 @3.55
Nov '15 United States Diego Sanchez W Decision 3 @1.25
67 days since last fight

Jason Knight

Date Opponent   Method Rnd Odds
Dec '17 Mexico Gabriel Benitez L Decision 3 @1.34
Jul '17 Brazil Ricardo Lamas L KO/TKO 1 @1.89
May '17 United States Chas Skelly W KO/TKO 3 @2.05
Jan '17 United States Alex Caceres W Sub 2 @1.59
Nov '16 New Zealand Daniel Hooker W Decision 3 @2.45
74 days since last fight

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Betting on Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight

More than 50 units profit
0 to 50 units profit
New handicapper
0 to -10 units loss
More than -10 loss

Fighter A Fighter Wikipedia Page Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Ricardo Lamas vs Jason Knight Fighter Record on Sherdog UFC Fighter Profile Twitter Profile
Picking Lamas straight up
Gugabe 3u won 3.0u @2.00
Naharis 1u won 1.1u @2.10
Betmma user 3u won 3.3u @2.10
The Philosopher 2u won 2.2u @2.08
Magnum Picks 11u won 12.1u @2.10
Gugabe 6u won 5.4u @1.90
Jon Bones 2u won 2.0u @2.00
Alexandra Le Yui 2u won 1.6u @1.80
MMA Betting Club 4u won 3.8u @1.95
UFC Betting picks 2.5u won 2.0u @1.80
Betmma user 1u won 1.1u @2.05
Jeremy Brigham 1u won 1.0u @2.02
AuTT 1u won 1.0u @2.00
Rousea1 3u won 3.2u @2.05
BMMA User 2u won 2.0u @2.02
Mr Meeseeks 1.5u won 1.6u @2.05
MMA Vader 1u won 1.0u @2.00
Alexandra Le Yui 2u won 2.0u @2.00
Will V 1u won 1.1u @2.10
CR0W MMA 2u won 2.0u @2.00
Chop MMA 1u won 1.0u @2.00
Control The Fight 2u won 2.2u @2.10
Danny UFC_Spain 3u won 3.3u @2.10
Bobby Nudillos 0.5u won 0.5u @2.00
BMMA User 1u won 1.1u @2.10
FCRS 4u won 4.0u @2.00
BettingSodsman 3u won 3.2u @2.05
Ricky Bropicks 3u won 3.2u @2.05
The MMA Trader 0.5u won 0.5u @2.00
Alexander Melchiott 1u won 1.1u @2.10
Sleaze Nation 2u won 2.2u @2.10
SM Capper 4u won 4.4u @2.10
The Count 4u won 4.2u @2.05
Khabib Pet Bear Takedown 1u won 1.1u @2.05
Condits Hellbows 10u won 10.5u @2.05
Michael20981 2u won 2.2u @2.10
Brooklyn MMAce7 2u won 2.1u @2.05
kramer 11u won 11.6u @2.05
Nicks Picks 5u won 5.0u @2.00
Thunder Dick Pics 4.3u won 4.1u @1.95
BMMA User 1.5u won 1.9u @2.25
Calderon Capping 11u won 11.0u @2.00
Evolved MMA 3u won 3.0u @2.00
phillip53 1u won 1.1u @2.05
Zachs MMA Picks 2u won 2.0u @2.02
Say Hello 1u won 1.0u @2.00
TheFightingChampion 1u won 1.1u @2.10

Picking Lamas as part of a parlay or prop
Ka-an straight pick @1.08
Ka-an straight pick @2.08
Magnum Picks straight pick @1.80
Gugabe straight pick @1.90
Mr Meeseeks wins by decision @2.80
Gugabe wins inside distance @4.00
Gugabe wins by submission @7.51
MMA Vader wins by submission @7.50
MMA Star wins by decision @3.25
Gugabe straight pick @1.99
MMArvin straight pick @1.95
MMA Bets UK wins by decision @3.25
Blakes MMA Bets straight pick @2.00
Khabib Pet Bear Takedown straight pick @2.05
RazztaMouse MMA straight pick @2.00
phillip53 straight pick @2.05
BMMA User wins inside distance @4.20
Csardonic1 wins by submission @7.00
BMMA User NOT wins inside distance @1.20  
  Picking Knight straight up
Newsome MMA 2u lost -2u @1.80
Sebs Show 3u lost -3u @1.83
MMA Betting 5u lost -5u @1.80
BMMA User 2u lost -2u @1.92
$$$ MARV 1.15u lost -1.15u @1.87
Mr. Namreka 1u lost -1u @2.00
Leevi 2u lost -2u @1.99
Zack Smith 1.5u lost -1.5u @2.05
Magnum Picks 11u lost -11u @2.08
KAPS 0.5u lost -0.5u @2.00
MMALOCKPICKS 8u lost -8u @2.10
UFC Bro Picks 4u lost -4u @2.05
NA 1u lost -1u @2.05
Kid X 5u lost -5u @2.08
Sensi Miller 2u lost -2u @2.05
Bryepicks 2u lost -2u @2.05
BMMA Justin 11u lost -11u @2.00
Maxbet209 2.2u lost -2.2u @2.00
Sebs Show 0.5u lost -0.5u @2.05
DominantPicksAlerts 5u lost -5u @2.00
Giovani 2u lost -2u @2.00
BMMA User 1.25u lost -1.25u @2.00
Antagonist88 1u lost -1u @2.05
Jett Wing 3u lost -3u @2.00
TJ Scott 5u lost -5u @1.91
Rockstarzee 5u lost -5u @2.04
MMA Moneyline 3u lost -3u @2.00
Binho Brazil 5u lost -5u @1.80
MMArvin 1.3u lost -1.3u @1.77
Balboa Fight Picks 5u lost -5u @1.87
BigCapper 1u lost -1u @1.77
Son Goku 3u lost -3u @1.83
MMA Value 0.5u lost -0.5u @1.75
Kemps Picks 2.3u lost -2.3u @1.87
Parlay Prodigy 3u lost -3u @1.93
FFL 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.87
Makati Tycoon 11u lost -11u @2.00
Ash Anderson 1u lost -1u @1.86
Mkebeast 2.2u lost -2.2u @1.91
Sheep 1u lost -1u @1.85
Jonathan Conrad 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.87
Primiani 5.85u lost -5.85u @1.85
Jolly Roger MMA 0.8u lost -0.8u @1.83
Ozzy P 3.5u lost -3.5u @1.83
Val Bet 5u lost -5u @1.89
aylukeay User 5u lost -5u @1.83
Mystic Mac Predictions 2u lost -2u @1.80
Alpha Cap 4u lost -4u @1.80
The Open Roll 0.5u lost -0.5u @1.91
BibergSports Investments 3u lost -3u @1.91

Picking Knight as part of a parlay or prop
Sensi Miller wins by submission @7.75
Bryepicks wins by decision @3.30
Delije straight pick @2.05
Delije wins by decision @3.30
TJ Scott straight pick @1.91
TJ Scott straight pick @1.91
John Cena Over 2.5 rounds @1.82
John Cena (scorecards = no action) @1.71
MMA Vader wins by submission @7.50
Adam wins by decision @3.75
Binho Brazil wins by decision @3.80
Parlay Prodigy straight pick @1.91
Jack Burton straight pick @1.89
Notorious Picks straight pick @1.77
Parlays and props with no winner selected
MMA Vader Fight goes to decision @1.53
Sebs Show Over 2.5 rounds @1.48
Bish Picks Fight goes to decision @1.67
Daniel Mehrabian Over 2.5 rounds @1.57
Chop MMA Fight goes to decision @1.67
MMA Vader Over 1.5 rounds @1.36
MMA Vader Over 2.5 rounds @1.59
Daniel Mehrabian Fight goes to decision @1.67
MMA Value Under 2.5 rounds @2.55
Binho Brazil Over 2.5 rounds @1.51
Sleaze Nation Fight goes to decision @1.73
MBE Over 2.5 rounds @1.51
MattyNice Fight doesn't go to decision @2.35
RazztaMouse MMA Fight goes to decision @1.62
Primiani Under 2.5 rounds @2.69  
Fighter B
@2.10 @1.89

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